We are the Falde family. We have been serving in Haiti since 2010. We have had the

privilege of being part of six church plants, and we organize and lead approximately

four mission trips each year. Every January we lead a mobile medical group. This is a

team of medical professionals that want to use their skills to help those less fortunate.

We hike to the different church plants and bring them hope for their spiritual and

physical health.

During the month of April we lead a team of high school Juniors/Seniors to some of these

same churches. This trip is comparable to VBS with the goal of kids coming to Christ.

Several times each year, there are also several construction trips for the purpose of

encouraging church plants with help working on church buildings and preparing the

mission house in Seguin to be able to host both national and international mission teams.

We planted Carolina Baptist Church in Clover, SC, in 2006. Kevin has been pastoring there

ever since. We have made the decision to follow God’s call and go to Haiti full-time for the

purpose of planting churches where there are no local churches and reaching the lost for


I would like to invite you to learn more about our ministry and consider our family as one of

your missionaries. If there is anything else that we can provide to you, please let us know. We hope

and pray that God may lead you to help us share our ministry in your church. Most

importantly, we covet your prayers on our behalf!

Thank you and God bless you!

Kevin & Emelie Falde

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that might about to your account.” Philippians 4:17

About Us:

Kevin Falde, Salvation Testimony

One of my earliest memories is my salvation. My parents had

answered the call to serve as missionaries in India but, just

before they left for the mission field, the government of India

changed, and the new leadership no longer allowed missionaries

to enter the country. In God’s providence, my family was

redirected to serve in Haiti.

During our first year in Haiti, 1980-1981, my older brother and I

attended a Christian school in Port-au-Prince. It was during one

of my classes in kindergarten that the gospel message became

clear to me. Later on that day, I bowed my head and prayed to receive Christ as my

Savior while I was in the back yard riding my tricycle. Immediately following my

decision, I ran into the house to tell my parents all about it. My dad explained to

me that even the angels in heaven were rejoicing about my faith in Christ.

Emelie Falde, Salvation Testimony

I grew up in Iowa in a Christian home. Most of my childhood

memories are centered around going to church and being taught

the Bible. I was saved at 12 when I realized that I had to make a

personal salvation decision. I am so thankful for my parents who

faithfully modeled for me and taught me to love God and serve


My parents strongly believed in Christian Education. As a

teenager, I spent a lot of time reading biographies of all the great

missionaries. My little country church had missionaries come

and present their work several times each year and my parents

faithfully taught me the importance of missions. I wasn’t sure what capacity the

Lord would choose to use me in, whether it was being a missionary, a pastor’s wife,

or whatever He had for me, I was willing.

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that might about to your account.” Philippians 4:17

Our Family:

We have four children that God has entrusted us to train and raise up to serve Him.



Micah Falde


Micah is in college studying Cybersecurity. He has a heart

for missions and has served along with us in Haiti. He has a sincere heart

for others in need and you will often find him doing just that,

helping others.



Moriah Falde


Moriah is in college studying nursing. She loves being

part of what God is doing in Haiti. She plays the guitar and

willingly uses her talents for the Lord. She enjoys working with

the dentist every year at the mobile dental clinic in Haiti. One of her

long-term goals after

college is to start a medical clinic in Seguin, Haiti.



Rebekah Falde


Rebekah is a bubbly 15 year old with a true servant’s heart. She is a

natural-born leader and loves to teach. She has a larger than

life personality and laugh! She seems quiet when you

meet her, but she is spunky and will keep you smiling once she knows




Josiah Falde


Josiah is not your typical 14 year old. He is

dependable and loyal. He is diligent and works hard

at any task he is given. God has blessed him greatly

with musical talent. He plays the piano and he already

has a few piano students in Seguin. He has a

competitive spirit that is a force to be reckoned with.

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that might about to your account.” Philippians 4:17









Our Story:

We were married for 13 years before the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Kevin grew up on the

mission field in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti. Although we had given our lives to God for whatever His

will for us was, up until this point we had not felt God calling us to go to Haiti.

After Kevin finished seminary, he taught at Highlands Christian Academy and became the Youth

Pastor at Redemption Baptist Church in Pompano Beach, Florida. After being there four years,

we were led to move to South Carolina to plant a church. In 2006, we moved our family from

Florida to Clover, South Carolina. The first year, we had services in a home while we were

renovating the building that we bought in downtown Clover. We saw God provide so many

times during those first few years. By 2010, the church had doubled in size and we had many

faithful families that we were very thankful for.

I will never forget hearing the news of the earthquake. I remember seeing Kevin’s heart

breaking for his people and right away he wanted to go and help them. His first trip back to

Haiti was about 2 weeks after the earthquake in 2010 and he has been making several trips

each year ever since. My first trip was in 2012 and I loved it. It brings me joy knowing that

because Kevin’s parents did what God called them to do back in 1981, they laid a foundation for

what God would someday call our family to do.

It is amazing to me when I meet people that Kevin’s parents led to the Lord, discipled, and now

they are leading people to Christ. I find it fascinating when a woman brings her kids to medical

clinic and she tells me that when she was a little girl, she would have died if Kevin’s family

didn’t help her get medicine. When I’m there, I meet so many people that tell me how their

lives are changed because my in-laws left the comforts of home and chose to follow God’s


When we planted Carolina Baptist Church 12 years ago, we planned to stay there forever unless

God called us somewhere else. Over the past few years, God has been making it clear to me

that this is the direction He is leading our family. Through many different circumstances, He

has prepared me to take this step of obedience.

In December we celebrated 20 years of marriage. Over the years, we have prayed that God

would guide our steps and provide for our family. I’ve seen Him answer these prayers over and

over again. From supplying our needs for jobs through Seminary to supplying our needs of a

salary the first few years of planting Carolina Baptist Church. And now I am excited to see how

He will provide for our family as we step out in faith again and follow Him.


“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that might about to your account.” Philippians 4:17

Our Vision:

We strive to efficiently and effectively fulfill the Great

Commission as commanded in Matthew 28. In an effort to be wise

stewards of God’s blessings we seek to reach the most people possible

with the resources available.

Realizing that national pastors and church leaders will

understand the needs of their culture best, we support them in planting

new churches and aiding and encouraging established ones.

To assist churches in becoming independent, we

promote the training of national teachers and Christian schools

associated with the local church. To promote evangelism and to show the

love of Christ in a tangible way, we assist in providing for the medical and

physical needs of impoverished communities in connection with local


Matthew 28:19-20 commissions Christians to go to “all the

world” with the gospel. Thank you for your partnership as we “go”. May

the Lord be glorified as we all do our part to reach the lost for Him.